New and improved features in the library catalog

We have released an upgraded version of the Library catalog.  Here are details on using the new features:

Word cloud: You may notice that the new word cloud functions a bit differently. Rather than narrowing your search, it actually expands your search to include both your original search term as well as the term you select in the cloud.

Browse the shelves: When viewing your search results, you will find that you can click on the call number to browse other titles in the same call number range.

RSS Feeds: Want to keep track of new titles matching your search? In the upgraded catalog, you can subscribe to an RSS feed. After running a search, you will see an orange and gray “RSS Feeds” button in the top right corner of the screen. To subscribe to the feed, click on the button and you will be taken to a new window displaying links for the available feeds. Right-click on the feed of choice and select “Copy Shortcut” in Internet Explorer or “Copy Link Location” in Firefox. Then, paste the link into your feed reader.  Not sure what a feed reader is?  Feel free to contact us (askalibrarian@wofford.edu or 597-4302).

My Discoveries, the social side of the catalog: When viewing your search results, you will notice a “Save or tag” link at the bottom of each item. When you click on the link, you will be prompted for a username and password. Click "Register" in the bottom of the popup window to create a My Discoveries account.  After completing the registration process, you will notice that you can add the title to a list, add tags, rate the item, or write a review.

Export records to Zotero: Click here for instructions on exporting records from the catalog to Zotero.

Visit the catalog:  http://wofford.aquabrowser.com/

If you have questions about using the upgraded catalog or any feedback, please let us know!  Stop by the reference desk, call 597-4302, or email askalibrarian@wofford.edu.

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