2010 State of America’s Libraries Report

The ALA has published the 2010 State of America’s Libraries Report. The study shows increased library usage, but not an increase in library funding. Here are some of this year’s key findings:
  • Internet use continues to expand at public libraries, which have seen double-digit growth since 2007 in the on-line services they make available to their patrons.
  • Ninety-six percent of Americans feel that school libraries are an essential part of the education experience because they provide resources to students and teachers and because they give every child the opportunity to read and learn.
  • America’s academic libraries are experiencing increased use, both physical and virtual.
    America’s libraries continue their efforts to support minorities and other underserved or disadvantaged populations.
  • The library community continues to defend a core value embodied in the First Amendment and the corollary right to receive and consider ideas, information, and images.
  • Library construction fared better in 2009 than many expected during the recession, especially given the unreliability of funding for programming, materials, and hours.
Use the link above to read the full report.
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