Multilingual WorldWideScience.org Launch Broadens Access to Global Science

WorldWideScience.org now allows 'users to search non-English databases in China, Russia, France, and several Latin American countries and receive search results translated into one of nine languages.'  And, more languages will be added in the future.  Here's a clip from the DOE's announcement:

"Scientific language barriers were broken today in Helsinki with the launch of Multilingual WorldWideScience.org. While a large share of scientific literature is published in English, vast quantities of high-quality science are not, and the pace of non-English scientific publishing is increasing. WorldWideScience.org will now enable the first-ever real-time searching and translation across globally-dispersed, multilingual scientific literature using complex translations technology."

"WorldWideScience.org was formally launched in 2007 with federated searching of 12 databases in 10 countries. Through early 2010, it had grown to search national scientific databases in 65 countries, covering some 400 million pages of science."

Read the DOE Announcement
Visit WorldWideScience.org

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