Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Maps and Information

+ UPDATE: New Database: Oil Spills Since 2000 (U.S.)

+ UPDATE: Gulf of Mexico – Transocean Drilling Incident
A one-stop show with the updates; maps, images, news releases, info for and from specific states, etc.
Content from: DHS; NOAA; USCG; bp; and Transocean.

A Twitter Stream and Facebook page from DeepwaterHorizon are are also available.

+ Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Map – Forecast through May 3 (NOAA)

+ Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – Maps and Images (U.S. Coast Guard)

+ Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill [map updated each evening] (NOAA)
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Source: NOAA, USCG (via THE WONDERFUL Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin)
Need a geographic related map? You can usually find it at Perry-Castañeda Web Site

via Resource Shelf.

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