Caution: Robots Crossing


Is it just me or has the subject of artificial intelligence been coming up a lot lately? It's such a fascinating subject and has intrigued both scientists and humanists since the infancy of digital technology - maybe even before. And at this point it's not just science fiction anymore: artificial intelligence is as real as "auto-correct" on your cell phone and IBM's Watson's appearance on Jeopardy.

Consider these recent articles:

"The AI Revolution is On," Wired, January 2011

"Mind vs. Machine," The Atlantic, March 2011

"Is it Time to Welcome Our New Computer Overlords?," The Atlantic (online), February 17, 2011

"The Chess Master and the Computer," by Gary Kasparov, New York Review of Books, February 2010

"After Winning Jeopardy, What's Next for IBM's Watson? Healthcare," ReadWriteWeb (online), February 17, 2011

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