World Politics Review Trial

The library has trial access to World Politics Review through April 10, 2011.  Here is a brief description of this resource from the publisher:

World Politics Review is an online publication and resource for foreign policy professionals working primarily within government, military, academia, intelligence and diplomacy, as well as academic researchers with a serious interest in international relations, foreign affairs, world politics and geostrategy. Updated daily, this resource publishes international affairs analysis that provides in-depth background material on global issues that are not deeply covered by mainstream media sources.

World Politics Review covers topics of key relevance to foreign policy, international politics, and foreign affairs. These include the following:

* Aid and Development
* Crime
* Culture
* Defense and Military
* Domestic Politics
* Economics and Business
* Homeland Security
* Human Rights
* International Law
* Political Theory
* Public Diplomacy and Propaganda
* Terrorism
* U.S. Foreign Policy
* War and Conflict
* Weapons of Mass Destruction
* And many more...

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