Compare Apple's iPad to iPad2

It's here....Apple's iPad 2, much like the original iPad, has arrived in the marketplace on the shoulders of a huge, cleverly designed marketing blitz. Lance Ulamoff from pcmag.com summarizes new features, and answers questions about what is missing:

Why no memory specs? - because with the new dual core A5 processor chip, performance is hugely improved. No specs were announced, but iPad's 256 MGs have surely been increased.

Why no 4G?- Apple's research indicates that almost 50% of iPad buyers purchased the wi-fi only model, so why develop a 4G model when the 3G model isn't in huge demand?

Why no Apple TV gaming? - wi-fi probably won't support real-time gaming interaction.

Also, no 7-inch tablet, no Flash support, no display resolution boost, no SD card slot or USB ports....

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